Building bridges with the next generation.

The top channel on TikTok is only getting bigger.

Flighthouse is a leading digital entertainment brand for the next generation.

From “Say So” to “Roxanne”, we market viral sounds from trending artists to our global platform of daily viewers.

We tag team with iconic brands to seamlessly weave purpose and content that amplifies and defines culture for our audience.

Flighthouse Media

Creation at our core

Creation is in our DNA. We’re built from a team of digitally-native designers and content specialists creating purposeful work for brands and creators alike. We leverage a thriving network of social channels to curate hilariously witty challenges (and begrudgingly catchy music) alongside some of the world’s most relevant personalities.
10 Billion
Brand Impressions
7 Billion
Song Impressions

"Did a full __________"

Can you finish the TikTok lyric?
Chances are, your kids can.
As internet engagement soars, content can grow infinitely more personal. There’s a widening divide between the types of content that audiences engage with. We keep our finger on the pulse of Gen Z’s cultural zeitgeist to help brands and creators get in touch with the internet’s most engaged and impressionable audiences.
Flighthouse has become a TikTok powerhouse.
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Our Team

Meet the crew

Austin Georgas
Senior Account Manager
Ash Stahl
Adi Azran
Head of Marketing
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